Welcome to online virtual labs in bioanalytical and electrochemistry! The labs are originating from Lund University, Sweden and powered by the unique equipment simulator. Use of this simulation technique brings any e-learning solution to a new level of excellence.

Most of virtual labs are in fact just advanced presentations limiting student in what he/she can do. We wanted to provide our users with the freedom to explore. All buttons and knobs can be pushed or turn at any time. The simulator will response just like a real apparatus would do.

In our virtual labs we use digital images of actual equipment used in real lab at Chemical Center at Lund University, Sweden. No more lousy drawn schematic views or box-like imitations. And, of course, behind the photorealistic façade there is a very accurate mathematical model of real-life process.


  • Updates to the site
  • The Drylabs.com site has been upgraded
  • New version of ELISA is online

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Some of our references

Lund University, Sweden RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia McKendree University, USA